2 Responses to Debating evolution with an opponent of evolution. Let’s call it ‘public engagement of science’

  1. I really enjoyed this post because it was interesting to me to understand more about the Creationist view of science and Darwin. So often there is not enough respectful dialogue to have clarity in how other people view what is so familiar to ourselves. Thanks!

  2. Tarick says:

    It is really an enjoyable debate . First , I would like to state that I am completely convinced that : 1- There is a common ancestor . 2- It gave rise to all living forms of life through evolution in a tree branching fashion . The problem is related to the third component of Darwin’s hypothesis , i.e. the mechanism of evolution , which is according to neodarwinism , random errors or mutations followed by natural selection . I believe that organisms ” sense” the environement and make a response , which may be epigenetic or genetic . Thus , modifying some genes and ” building ” others . I believe that La Mark was right , but he lacked , just like Darwin , the necessary knowledge and tools that are available today . On the other hand , I believe that the intelligent design or creation is not a scientific hypothesis so it would not be a suitable substitution of Darwin’s hypothesis . The whole thing is about the ‘ mechanism ” of evolution . why is it necessarily ” the best errors ” that have made the whole range of beautiful and meaningful diversity that we see in life ?? why couldn’t it be a more reasonable mechanism ?? what are the evidences or at least the findings that support the hypothesis of ” best errors ” ? If one can never prove a hypothesis why do we stick to it ?? I dont want to enter into an endless debate , but just i want to ask you some questions , if you dont mind of course : 1- what is life ? I mean ” as a system with special characters ” ? Is it a system that is just ” unstable ” with no essential characters other than being unstable , continuously committing errors and it is from these errors that life is made ?? how is the ‘ original life system’ built : the minimum requirements of life ” . what is continuously mutating before DNA was there? I mean what are the basic relations between the components of life that made it life , before the mutations point of view ? I don’t mean how life occurred from non living matter but what is the basic concept of life in terms of matter and the relation between its components . is it ” mutations ” ( and mutations of what ) that built it in the first place , and then continued to make it evolve ? . let the other questions be latter on 🙂 🙂 .

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